Florence Anderson is the second oldest out of twelve children. She is the mother one son and has one grandchild whom she is very proud of and their life accomplishments. Florence holds two AA degrees. One of the degrees is from Provident Hospital School of Radiology where she was the class valedictorian. She maintains three registrations in Radiology; Diagnostic Radiology, Computer Tomography (CAT Scan) and Mammography. The other degree is from the Baltimore Institute of Culinary Arts in Restaurant and Food Science Management. Her hope is to own her own catering business one day.

Ms. Anderson accepted Jesus in her life when she was living in South Carolina. She was a member of the Friendship Baptist Church where God and the Bible was taught to her. Her favorite scripture of the Bible is Psalm 23.

Ms. Anderson joined UFM after a few visits. Pastor Pearson invited her to become the church’s first trustee and she accepted. She knows that Jesus provides, guides and protects her. She thanks God for who He is, and all that He has done for her. She is grateful for God’s plans for her life.