Deacon Donald Penn was born and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. He is one of 10 children born to Deacon Clarence Penn and Thelma Penn. He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1990 and was baptized that same year.

Donald Penn has had many struggles during his journey but thanks God for a praying wife who has been beside him for 27 years.

Donald Penn has been a member of Unlimited Faith Ministries (UFM) since it began on January 19, 2014. He believes that UFM is where God has led him as his relationship with God is strengthened by the preached word of God and the teaching of God's word by Pastor Valerie Pearson.

Donald Penn stands in awe of God's mercy and grace as his life is continually being transformed by the power of God. He is a living testimony of what faith and trust in God can do.