So, my son, pay attention to your father’s guidance, and do not ignore what your mother taught you.
Wear their wisdom as a badge of honor and maturity, as fine jewelry around your neck. Proverbs 1:8-9 (Voice)

Put your mind on rewind and think back. Think back to the time when your neighborhood played a big part in your upbringing. Do you remember…yes just thinking back brings back memories of those older men and women that would drop nuggets of wisdom. What has happened to these days?

I’m so glad God’s word is a book of valuable nuggets. Here God reminds us to pay attention to the valuable nuggets given to us. He reminds us that our parents have given us valuable nuggets that will keep and sustain us. He also says wear them, in other words use them well with honor and pride. Wow our parents did know what they were talking about. Thanks for the nuggets.

Father we thank you for our parents. We thank you God for the nuggets given to them that they have passed on to us. Lord now we pray for parents of today. Father help them to pass on positive nuggets to their children that are rooted in Your word. Guide and lead them in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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